About Bank Agent


Bank Mitra Service BC, which was founded by John Doe in 2001, offers a lucrative earning opportunity to unemployed as well as self-employed people by becoming a Bank Mitra service provider of various nationalized banks in India. They can easily offer a range of banking services to the public by opening a CSP or Customer Service Point in the urban areas of the country, where these services are not accessible to people.
The idea designed under PPP or Public Private Partnership is bank Mitra BC, where it focuses on functioning as a representative of any bank or its agent. We aim at offering the finest banking services to the people by representing the Indian banks and working as their representative, appointed by these banks.
Bank Mitra is committed to offering a variety of banking services to people, including:

We are also dedicated to performing quite a lot of vital duties of the Online CSP bank, such as helping the people greatly in open savings bank account under an assortment of policies and schemes of the Indian government. Among these schemes, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna is considered the most important one.

Bank Mitra Service BC assists the citizens of India to benefit from the various banking facilities, including the Kisaan credit card processing for subsidy transfers, direct benefit transfer, and much more. Through our involvement as a mini bank Mitra BC, the banks in India will be capable of spreading awareness among people about their various services, which would reach out to more citizens. This is for the reason that we work efficiently and diligently as an agent of these banks.

As one of the leading service providers of nationalized banks in the nation, we have a well-established Customer Service Point in all the villages as well as in the urban areas in the country. When you turn out to be a Bank Mitra Service BC, you will get an opportunity to work with an assortment of banks as a Bank Mitra service provider.

When you work as a service provider of the nationalized banks in India, you will get a civilized income in the form of commissions for the banking services you render to people. With your hard work and sincerity, you will be capable of playing a variety of roles as a Bank Mitra Service BC. You will also be capable of earning as much as
Rs. 5000 per month by becoming and functioning as a Bank Mitra. You can offer a variety of banking services to those living in Indian rural areas, where there no banks or the banking services are not accessible to the public.

Consistent with the most recent update, the government of India has plans to launch as much as 5 lakh Customer Service Points of the different banks across the country until 2020. CSP is expected to create more than 10 lakh job openings in the future.

Therefore, Bank Mitra Service BC is the right place to take hold of this lucrative earning opportunity by becoming a Bank Mitra Service BC.
Get in touch with Bank Mitra Service BC today to earn a civilized income. You can email your inquiries to info@abc.com or call us over the phone at 91-0123456789 to know more about becoming a Bank Mitra.